Healthy Eating During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is probably the happiest moment in a couple’s relationship, especially to the expectant mother. A lot of care should be taken to make sure both of the mother’s health and that of the baby’s is not neglected. Choosing the right kind of food to eat will ensure the good health of both mom and baby.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables should always be in the diet list because they have the most number of nutrients you and the developing baby need. Servings of five portions a day with variation can provide you the recommended dosage. These servings can be raw, juiced, canned or dried. Examples are:

Pineapple: This fruit is very rich in phytochemicals which are good for fighting cancer and fiber that prevents constipation.

Broccoli: One of the best choices for a vegetable is broccoli because of its high content of vitamin C which is vital for the immune system. This prevents sickness even on the onset killing the bacteria and virus before it could even devastate.

Avocados: It has high loads of folic acid essential for the development of your baby’s brain and nervous system.

Starchy Foods

Starchy foods are where we get our source of energy. They also contain some vitamins and fiber without too much calorie content. Examples are:

Cereals: Cereals and other whole grains are all important as they are packed with nutrients and minerals that regulate the cholesterol and sugar levels of the body.

Oatmeal: It is also rich in fiber and B vitamins. It regulates blood cholesterol which is helpful for the heart.


Protein is the building blocks of tissue and is important for building muscles. Examples are:

Eggs: Aside from being a great source of protein, eggs also provide Omega-3 fatty acids.

Fish: It is an important source of Omega-3 fatty acids which is not only good for the heart but for brain function as well.


Dairy contains a lot of necessary health-giving nutrients that should not be overlooked especially by pregnant women. Examples are:

Milk: Milk is rich in calcium for stronger bones and teeth. The bone density of the mother is being decreased so should be replenished.

Yogurt: This food is loaded with folic acid and iron needed for the production of red blood cells.

Sugary and Fatty Foods

Sugar and foods rich in fat is still essential in pregnancy. It should only be eaten in moderation if you don’t want to give birth to a large and too heavy bouncing baby. Examples are:

Butter and salad dressings


Cookies and biscuits

Pastries and ice cream