Kiwi Fruit Benefits

Kiwi fruit, which was originally grown in China, contains a wide array of nutritional benefits. Vitamins, nutrients, minerals and antioxidant properties all combine to make this tropical fruit a healthy choice for adults and children.

Now flourishing as a tropical fruit in New Zealand, kiwi fruit has a brown somewhat hairy exterior and a luscious green interior with a white pulp and black seeds that are edible. When ripened, this fruit tastes somewhat like pineapple. As is the case with numerous other fruits, this fruit is quite rich in various forms of nutrition.

You might be surprised to learn that kiwi fruit is extremely rich in Vitamin C as well as Vitamins E and A, potassium and beta carotene. The small black seeds in kiwi fruit also produce a specific type of fruit oil that contains a wealth of alpha-linoleic acid. This acid is an extremely important Omega-3 essential fatty acid for skin health. In addition, the skin of the kiwi fruit is rich in flavonoid antioxidants.

The health benefits of kiwi fruit are enormous. Studies have found that diseases such as asthma and diabetes have experienced positive improvements when individual experiencing those conditions consumed kiwi fruit on a daily basis. In addition, the wealth of dietary fiber contained in kiwi fruit assists in decreasing the chance of colon cancer due to the way in which the soluble fiber in this fruit helps in removing dangerous toxins from the colon.

Kiwi fruit’s health benefits do not stop there either. The antioxidant properties of this fruit also help in providing protection for the body against damage from free radicals. Exposure to free radicals can occur from sun exposure as well as exposure to various elements in the environment, including pollution. The flavonoids in kiwi fruits can also help to protect your cells from possible oxidative damage in addition to guarding your DNA from possible damage and mutation changes.

Research has also concluded there to be a strong association between an improvement in digestive health and kiwi fruit. The prebiotics and dietary soluble fiber found in kiwi fruit can help to keep the digestive system regular while reducing incidences of constipation and treating frequent diarrhea.

There is also a strong link between an improvement in cardiovascular health and kiwi fruit. The potassium found in large amounts in kiwi fruit is important for proper kidney function and muscle contraction as well as heart health. Specifically, potassium has the ability to manage water in the body and counteracting the effects of sodium while reducing blood pressure.

Kiwi fruit benefits and health advances are now well documented. The good news is that you do not have to concern yourself with eating kiwi fruit each and every day to take advantage of these numerous health benefits. Taking a single capsule, of MX kiwi biotic, each day can provide you with all of the same health benefits as eating two full kiwi fruits daily.

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