Pressure Ulcer

Medical Products for Pressure Ulcer Treatment and Prevention

Ointments, creams and cleansing solutions are crucial to protect hospital patients from bedsores.

Large number of patients are reported to die annually because of pressure ulcer complications. Pressure ulcers, also referred as bedsores, are injuries that results from prolonged pressure on the skin, especially in the bony areas like the tailbone, hips, ankles and heels. This condition does often affect bedridden patients in hospitals, especially when there is a lack of proper care.

In the United States, an estimated 60,000 people die every year because of bedsores. In acute care hospitals, doctors treat about 3 million people for pressure sores anually. The health care system spends more than $10 billions every year to treat pressure ulcers acquired in hospitals.

Estimate 250 000 cases of pressure sores annually are believed to be preventable. As a result, hospital-acquired bedsores became a big target of the health care system to reduce wasteful expenses.

Prevention of Pressure Ulcer

The cause of pressure ulcers development are severe disorders of sensitivity, blood circulation and thermoregulation, which inevitably arise in a person suffering from serious diseases. The risk of pressure ulcers increases many times in bedridden patients that cannot move independently. Medical experience has proved that it is more reasonable to prevent pressure sores, since a weakened body is not capable to regenerate tissues normally if necrosis occurs. Lotions, creams, powders and other products such absorbent pads and mattresses with pressure redistribution can be used to prevent this condition.

Applications for Skin Repair

In the case when bedsores occur, topical ointments become the most effective means for their treatment. The main principles of ointment treatment are:

  • Improving blood circulation, which helps to nourish the tissues;
  • Stimulating local healing processes;
  • Preventing and eliminating microbial or fungal infections in the wound;
  • Eliminating pain and other unpleasant sensations.

Various drugs are used in treatment of pressure ulcers which are used in the form of ointments. If necessary, some of these same drugs may be administered to the patient in the form of tablets taken orally, or injections. Treatment is carried out in accordance with the stages of the wound process; a certain set of medications is needed when treating bedsores of different severity.

New-generation lotions and solutions are not only effective but also safe. Manufacturers do not add harsh cleaning agents, so the skin is not be damaged any further. Still these solutions keep the body clean and fresh, sometimes offering additional advantages.

Silicon-based products provide a moisture barrier, which allows the skin to breathe naturally. Some solutions contain zinc oxide that protects the skin from wound exudate, sweat, urine and moisture in general. Avoid petrol-derived products, since they block the breathing ability of the skin.

Topical Solutions to Clean and Protect the Skin

  • No-rinse cleansing skin lotions – provide a light protection and moisturize the skin.
  • Foaming body cleansers – help to cleanse and condition the skin without rinsing.
  • Antimicrobial cleansers – clean and condition the skin, inhibiting bacterial growth.
  • Antifungal ointments – treat fungal infections and deliver nutrients to the skin. Relieve burning, itching and irritation.
  • Skin protectants – moisture and provide a light barrier, help to relieve discomfort. Great for irritated skin.
  • Skin repair cream – recover the natural moisture balance of the skin, stimulate healing process.
  • Clear skin protectants – provide a moisture barrier that sticks to skin and allows to monitor its condition, protect against irritation.
  • Silicone-based skin protectants – protect skin from water loss. The barrier can last for 3-5 washings and does not prevent the skin from breathing.
  • Skin protectant pastes – provide a barrier against moisture. Good for skin in various conditions. To stop itching and irritation, search products with zinc oxide.